Kim Kardashian Returns Better Than Ever [Photos]

That Kim Kardashian is a star and a celebrity we know, that you have millions and millions of followers on social networks, we also know, that we are perplexed by his photos on Instagram… We also know!

But… Why is Kim Kardashian so famous? And why does he make so much money? The same American television star has revealed his secret (which is not so secret either).

She is her own brand and makes millions of dollars thanks to her innate talent to make people like her.


Kim Kardashian´s Instagram is smoking

She herself explained in an interview why she is so famous and makes so much money, she confesses that she has a brand that is a great success because she makes people like her because she is what she is.

On Twitter it has more than 55 million followers, and on Instagram it has a whopping 100 million followersThat’s nothing! Everyone searches the Internet every two to three “kim kardashian instagram”, it’s really crazy.


Thanks to these figures, Kardashian’s social profiles are among the most popular on the Internet. She is aware of this and does not deny it. Kim attributes her entire career 100% to social networking.

Kanye West’s wife and mother of two children, acknowledges that every fortune has come only by showing how she and her family (Khloé Alexandra Kardashian, Kendall Nicole Jenner…) live in the American reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

We remind you that Kim was the victim of a scary robbery in her apartment in Paris in early October this year. He had more than $10 million in jewelry stolen from him! But the worst was not that, but the great shock and bitterness of his life.

After the incident, Kardashian disappeared from the nets, no trace of Kim by Instagram or anything at all. Luckily, for all her followers and followers, the queen of Instagram is back.

Now we can enjoy it again… Get ready!