What is Instagram and What is It For?

what is instagram and what is it for

Instagram is a popular network for sharing of photos, videos and messages in a fácil and fun way. What is Instagram for and what is it really? It is mainly used from mobile devices through a free App, available on Aplicación Store and Play Store for IOS and Android. There is also a web version … Leer más

View Instagram Stories in Stealth Mode – 3 Ways to Do It


Are you interested in watching Stories without being seen? Then this article is just what you were looking for, as here we will go over the different ways that have been shown to be very effective in order to spy on Instagram stories anonymously, i.y también. without that person knowing that you have seen their … Leer más

Who Created IG? Meet The Creator of Instagram

who create instagram

Want to know who was the creator of Instagram, what year the app was created, who was the first founder of the company and who were the creators of Instagram as we know it today? Who was the creator of Instagram? The real creators of the social network Kevin Systrom y Mike Krieger invented the … Leer más

Create an Instagram Account in Less than 5 Minutes


As I explained in the article “What is Instagram?“This popular network is completely focused on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and this makes it a completely different platform from the rest. Until now we were used to use popular networks from our PC, but times are changing and the world of technologies even faster, so … Leer más