GB Intagram for Android [APK v1.40]

GB Instagram Apk | Instagram is one of the most popular and popular apps for sharing images, videos and stories on social networks. Everyone uses Instagram to share stories that are in vogue in the social media.

But at Instagram, one of the most annoying things is that no one can download images, stories and videos that have been shared on it. Today we will share with you the best app, GB Instagram, through which you can download any image or video from Instagram without having to download any third-party application.

There are a large number of fake apps available on the Google Play Store, which allow users to download images and videos from Instagram, but you need to install some third-party application to use these types of applications.


If you do not trust third-party applications, you can download another Instagram Mod Apk, i.e. GBInstagrm to download images and videos from Instagram.

What can you do with GBInstagram?

This MOD application has some specific and more recent features that are not available in the official version of Instagram, or any other Instagram MOD. Through this application, you can download any image and video from Instagram.


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Many other custom features are available in GB Instagram Apk, so if you like using Instagram then this application is like “having the sky open” for you, with many features unlocked for your users.

Instagram is one of the best Social Media apps when it comes to privacy terms, as it does not allow users to download images and stories shared by someone else on it.

The only way to download the image is by taking a screenshot and you need to crop the images, a very difficult and time-consuming task. No one wants to waste time cutting out the image.

Also, after cropping, the image quality will decrease. Well, you may want to download images and stories from Instagram by cropping the image, but if you need to download Instagram videos, there’s nothing you can do to download them.

Here’s how you can easily download Instagram images, videos and stories to your mobile phone. Download it and enjoy it.


Many modified applications are available on Google for Instagram. OGInsta+ definitely comes to mind every time we talk about Instagram Modded Apk.

GB Instagram is also one of the popular Apk Mods for Instagram users that allow users to download images, stories, videos and more.

GBInstagram also has many unlocked features of Instagram. You can also use two Instagram accounts on the same phone because you do not need to uninstall the Original Instagram application to install GB Instagram on your mobile phone.

Additional information


Application name:  GBInsta

Version:  1.40

Last updated:  14 April 2018

Android version required:  4.3 or higher

Downloads Total:  +1.000.000

Application Size:  40.1MB

Primary Function:  Instagram App with some added features

Features of GB Instagram Apk

  • Based on the latest Instagram version
  • Now you can hide that you saw the stories.
  • Disables left or right drag in the app.
  • Fixes bugs while loading themes.
  • Allows users to download images, stories and videos from Instagram.
  • Translate comments into the desired language.
  • Allows users to copy comments.
  • You can copy and share links from pictures and videos directly.
  • Change the “Thematic Conversations” and conversion screen.
  • Able to zoom in/out for photos.
  • Play audio with video automatically.
  • Allows users to copy the description.
  • Counting of notifications.
  • No Root download required.
  • Allows the use of two Instagram accounts on the same mobile phone
  • Many other options.

I hope you will now decide to download GB Instagram on your smartphone. Due to its impressive unlocked features, this Mod Apk is very much in fashion today.

Most users who love to use Instagram have downloaded this application to their Instagram. If you’re not one of them then, now’s the time to quickly download this application; because this is one of the best Instagram Mod Apk with great features.

Then we’ll share the link to download GB Instagram Apk and enjoy its amazing features.

How to install GB Instagram on Android?

We hope you have already checked out the features of GBInsta that we have shared before. It is possible that a future, this is the best Instagram MOD.

You can download and install this Apk on your mobile phone just like any other, but if you’re a normal Android user and have never installed apps from the Google Play Store, then you might be confused.

There is no need to worry about this, then we will share the steps to follow to install GB Instagram on Android.

  • First of all, you need to download GB Instagram to your Android phone from here:


  • Install GB Instagram on your phone, it will be hosted in the download folder.

If you have never installed an APK file on your device before, then you need to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings –> Security –> And check the box under “Unknown

  • GB Instagram is now ready for installation.install-gbinsta
  • After installing GB Instagram on your mobile phone, log in to your Instagram account.enter-your-instagram-account
  • Ready! That’s it, now you can enjoy the amazing features of GBInstgram.

Now you know how to install GB Instagram on Android; we hope you enjoy using this APK from here. We forgot to tell you something, this MOD Apk was also developed by the developer of GBWhatsApp, i.e. Atnfas Hoak.

So you don’t have to worry about the details you enter in this APK, it’s a trusted Mod application, with the help of which you can unlock many impressive features of the Official APK Instagram.

So now, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, don’t wait any longer, use the download link above and download GB Instagram APK to your mobile phone and enjoy its fantastic features.

But the main question that always comes to mind is that when you download any application to your phone, you may be banned.

Well, there’s no need to worry about this, since you can simply install this application on your Android phone without being blocked and you’ll have no problems. You can enjoy this application without any problem and your credential will be safe.

We have shared all the steps to download and install GB Instagram on your phone. We hope from here that you will now have no difficulty installing GB Instagram. If you are an Instagram lover, then we suggest you use the OGInsta+ or GB Instagram app on your phone.

These are the best and most impressive Instagram Mod Apk, with some great features unlocked. For anyone using GBWhatsApp on their phone, let them know that GBInstagram is also from the same developer.

You can download and install GB Instagram on any Android device running Android 4.3 or higher.