How to Recover Deleted Photos from Instagram

You may have accidentally lost photos or decided at some point to remove them from your social networks. If you want to restore them after a while and don’t know how, you’ve come to the right place, it’s now possible to restore your deleted photos from Instagram.

If you don’t know, all the photos you’ve placed on your social networks are still there, even if you’ve deleted them. All files remain in code form on our social networks, so thanks to the use of certain tools we have access to them again.

With an Xploit, which is software used to exploit the security vulnerability of a system, we can get the codes that store our photos. Another way to recover them is to go to the source, but if you want to know how, don’t miss the following sections…


How to restore deleted photos from Instagram

To recover deleted photos from Instagram, the first thing to do is to check your mobile phone, as they may still be stored on your device.

Every time we publish a photo to Instagram, it is automatically saved to one of our mobile phone albums, so if you haven’t deleted the files from your phone, it’s very likely to be there.


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On the other hand, if the photo you’re looking for is downloaded from your PC, it’s best to check your computer’s folders. They say that whoever is looking for it will find it, and if you haven’t cleaned your computer in a long time, it’s very likely that you still have it in your memory.

If you also share photos on other social networks when you publish your photos on Instagram, it is also possible to search for them. The fact that you delete your photos from Instagram does not mean that they will be deleted from Facebook or Twitter; so if you share them once, they will remain available on other social networks.

If after searching your mobile, computer or social networks you don’t find the photo or photos you want to recover, you can always choose one of the applications that we will show you right now.

Applications to recover photos in Instagram

Many developers have created applications to retrieve photos already published in Instagram. We have made a selection of the best… Don’t miss it!

Instagram Rebuild V3 

This program has been created for exclusive use on computers. Its function is to collect information through cookies from different browsers and, of course, from Instagram. After processing all this data, you can reconstitute the deleted photos.

When you download Instagram Rebuild V3, run this program while your Instagram account is already open, the photos you recover will be stored in the “Images” folder on your PC.

Restore Image

Restore Image is not only used to restore deleted photos in Instagram, but is also used for other social networks. If you have uploaded a photo with your mobile phone using this application, you can restore it to its current state before editing and sharing it.


When you install the application, which is free for Google Play users, you must click on the option “Search the image you want to restore”, and choose the folder to which the photo you want to restore belongs.

If you want to delete multiple photos again, do the same thing, but select all the folders. It is very simple and also this application is very intuitive, has very good user feedback, so we recommend you try.


Fonelab is an application only available for iOS devices, you can use it with a Windows or Mac computer. To use it, you need to download the application from the web and then connect your iPhone to the PC.

With Fonelab you can restore not only deleted photos from Instagram, but also any photos you have on your device. This application scans your iPhone, and after a few minutes you can select the photos you want to restore, as easy as that… Problem solved!

Recover photos from Instagram

This application was specifically designed to recover deleted photos from Instagram in just three steps.

The first thing you have to do is to select the photos or videos you want to restore, enter your user name or link to publish them, click the option “Restore lost photos” and it will be ready, in a few seconds you will have your files at hand.

According to comments, it is one of the most effective applications for recovering photos, but the best thing is that it is available for Android and iOS users, as well as for recovering files from the desktop version to your PC. We have to try, don’t we?

Tips for saving Instagram photos

The applications we have shown you generally work very well, but none of them is infallible.


The effectiveness of each of these applications will undoubtedly depend on the age of the photos, so the longer they remain in the memory of the camera, the more likely you will be able to recover them.

Our recommendation is that you always upload your photos in the cloud, it is even more efficient than storing them on a USB device or an external drive.

Because photos in the cloud are protected against viruses and accidental deletions, it’s not necessary to use applications that take up enough space on your phone and computer. Now, if you don’t want to use a cloud service, choose one of the applications we’ve shown you just above.

I hope this information has helped you, if you think this information may be useful to some of your friends or acquaintances, feel free to share this message with them.

Intentionally or not, we all regret having deleted a file because we believe that some of these methods will eventually be useful.

See you soon!