Top 7 Video Editors for Instagram

If you want to know which are the best video editors for Instagram, don’t miss this article. Learning to create and edit videos is undoubtedly one of the keys to gaining followers in Instagram.

The arrival of the video to the most popular application of all time, was welcomed with joy by all users in 2013. At that time, Instagram offered longer videos of up to 15 seconds, to which we could apply a series of filters before sharing them. In addition to this, it also incorporated the option of using the rear and front camera.

Over the years, as the application has been updated, improvements have been added such as the incorporation of an image stabilizer; however, the order of the sequences could not be modified.


Currently, Instagram allows us to use the function of uploading videos that have been recorded previously and saved in the gallery of our device, also extending the duration from 15 to 60 seconds. Not bad at all, is it?

Many app developers have taken advantage of all these advantages to launch their own video editor for Instagram. With a good application we can improve the quality of our clips and grow our profile in this social network. Here are the best applications for video editing. Don’t miss out!


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Video editors for Instagram

If you want to cut, improve the resolution or the edition of your videos for Instagram do not take your eye off this section. Each of the applications shown here has its own characteristics, so you should know which one best suits your needs. Let’s go!



If you’re looking for an Instagram video editor that lets you sync music with the sequences of your clips, this is one of the best. In addition, its features include cropping, color and contrast modification, the ability to add text and emoticons or add different frames.

Available for Android and Apple devices, Inshot contains a wealth of features to help you edit your videos the way you want.



If you want a video editing app ready for action, the best is Magisto. This editor has been created either for beginners, or for users who do not want to make any settings before recording their video.

Compatible with iOS and Android, with Magisto you can add the music you want and add a name to it after recording your clip, the app will automatically make the necessary adjustments to improve the quality of your video. Simple and simple!



InstaVideo is only available for iOS, but it is no less effective. With this video editor you will be able to create and edit your Instagram clips with a very good result.

This app allows you to add music or if you prefer your voice, as well as filters, transition effects and put in slow motion, among other features. Instavideo also gives you the option to mount video collages and set the display time in your sequences. Without doubt, this editor has nothing to envy to other applications, in addition its camera will allow you to use the effects of zoom and the preview of 15 photos as maximum.



Available only to iOS users, this app gives you the ability to use certain resources that could only be used from a computer, but with Splice it’s possible from your smartphone.

As a novelty, since this is not included in other video editors, it is compatible with the recorded files of a GoPro camera, in addition to those you have on your mobile device. Splice allows users to customize their videos by adding audio, titles, and countless spectacular transitions.

With this app, you can also crop and frame photos to enhance their appearance. It also comes with a voice recorder where you can add comments or trim audio tracks to mix them.

No Crop for Instagram


If you are looking for a video editor for Instagram, the ideal is No Crop. Simple to use and with a very good design, this app has been developed to generate videos from the photos without cutting or cropping.

With No Crop for Instagram, you only have to select the photos you want to use or the video fragments, and the music. You can also add a series of filters and transitions to make your clip a more professional and enjoyable video.



Another application created especially for uploading videos to Instagram is Clipper, giving your clips the appearance of a short film.

With Clipper you can edit, cut and organize your videos, as well as apply filters and special effects. You can also easily add music to upload in seconds to your social network. If you want to share in Instagram some special event, now you won’t have to wait to do it because if this app allows something to its users, it is to be spontaneous like life itself. Try it and you’ll see it’s worth it!



Another of the most recommended applications for editing videos for Instagram, is Instashot. With this app you won’t have to worry about the size of your photos, nor if they will be compatible or not with the characteristic format of Instagram, because it will adjust them automatically.

Instashot is a very practical editor with which you can record directly your video or upload any that you already have in your gallery. After this, you can use the tools it offers to add music, text or effects. Best of all, it’s free, and available only for iOS devices.

This is all friends, we hope that among all these applications is the video editor for Instagram you are looking for. Doing an analysis of the apps that are currently on the market, to our way of seeing,r these are the best features and functions offer the user.

If you have already tried an app that you like and that you think is complete, share it with us, maybe you can help other users to improve their clips and with them increase their number of followers in Instagram…

See you next time!