How to Join Two Instagram Accounts Without Losing Followers?


Although many of Instagram’s users are constantly looking for information about how to synchronize two accounts on this social network without losing followers, the fact is that the Instagram app has not yet developed a complementary application that allows this action. However, it is also true that there are multiple alternatives to be able to … Leer más

Instagram Stories… What is it and How does it Work?


More and more people are using Instagram, the social network of the moment. It has not stopped constantly renewing since Facebook took it over.

One of its latest additions has been Instagram Stories, but… Do you know what this new feature is about? What can we use it for? Is it the same as Snapchat?

If you want answers to these questions and much more, stay here and we’ll tell you all about it in the next article.


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Kim Kardashian Returns Better Than Ever [Photos]


That Kim Kardashian is a star and a celebrity we know, that you have millions and millions of followers on social networks, we also know, that we are perplexed by his photos on Instagram… We also know!

But… Why is Kim Kardashian so famous? And why does he make so much money? The same American television star has revealed his secret (which is not so secret either).

She is her own brand and makes millions of dollars thanks to her innate talent to make people like her.


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Best Instagram Applications to Manage Your Account

instagram-applications to-manage-your-account

One of the main aspects that we must keep in mind if we want to be recognized users in Instagram, is the correct management of our account.

In reality, the most important thing is not to have a large number of followers or contacts, but rather the interaction we have with them.

Fortunately, keeping track of our number of followers, the impact of our publications and the success of our content today is much simpler, as there are multiple applications that can help us do this.

instagram-applications to-manage-your-account

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Feather Eyebrows, Super Trend in Instagram


Due to its great boom and the enormous number of users Instagram has, this social network has served to promote trends of all kinds, especially in the field of cosmetics and personal hygiene. This is one of the sectors where there is more innovation, creating new fashions every few years, some of these are very … Leer más