Create an Instagram Account in Less than 5 Minutes

As I explained in the article “What is Instagram?“This popular network is completely focused on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and this makes it a completely different platform from the rest.

Until now we were used to use popular networks from our PC, but times are changing and the world of technologies even faster, so the Instagram Team, seeing the speed at which the mobile internet world is growing, has decided to focus on this user profile from the very beginning.

Instagram only for mobile terminals?

That’s the first big question every usuario who starts using Instagram asks, and the answer is YES “half-heartedly“.


I say “half-heartedly“because it is true that Instagram has a website which we cánido access from any PC without the need to have their application installed, but the truth is that only serves to configure the options of our account and to administer the applications that we have connected Instagram, now from Instagram web profiles perro do virtually everything, except upload photos.

Start using Instagram.

If you have an Android móvil inteligente or tablet, an iPhone or an iPad and since a few days ago also with a Windows Phone, you can then in just a few minutes to start sharing your best images and vídeos with Instagram.

Have you installed any aplicaciones on your móvil inteligente before? If the answer is yes, you already have 80% of the work done; Instagram is just as easy to install and even easier to create an account. Below you cánido watch a step-by-step vídeo tutorial on how to do it so that you can in just 3 minutes you’ll be able to log in to Instagram:

  1. Download and install the application. It doesn’t matter if you do it from the Aplicación Store (if you have an iPhone or an iPad), from the Google Play (if you have an Android smartphone) or from the Windows Phone Store (if your phone is running Windows Phone Windows Phone), do a search with the term “Instagram”, find the app and follow the installation steps.
  2. Open Instagram. Once installed, open the aplicación and click on the button “Register“.
    • Nombre de usuario and password. These will be the login details for your account, if necessary take a few minutes to choose a good nombre de usuario (easy to remember and not too long) and a secure password.
    • Name and email address. These are the basic profile data, so be careful to enter them correctly, especially the correo electrónico address. Your data and your new password will be sent to this address in case you need to change it at some point.
    • Telephone number (optional) This information is NOT required for registration, so we do not recommend you to fill it in. Instagram has been using an SMS verification system for a few months now to crack down on fake profiles. So we recommend that you DO register your phone number to avoid problems when verifying your profile in case Instagram asks you to do so.
    • Enter your registration details. Now it will ask you for some basic information in order to register your account:
  3. Complete your profile details and start using Instagram! Write the name you want to appear when you share your photos with your friends, fill in some personal data; your real name, a description about you, the url of your website or blog, your date of birth and some less important data. Done this, take your first photo, apply some effect or filter you like and share it with your friends!

Remember to confirm the correo electrónico address you used to register your account. When you finish the registration process, Instagram will send you a confirmation correo electrónico to your email address. Simply click on the “Confirm email address” and your email address will be verified.

How about you, what do you think about Instagram only being available on smartphones and tablets?