View Instagram Stories in Stealth Mode – 3 Ways to Do It

Are you interested in watching Stories without being seen? Then this article is just what you were looking for, as here we will go over the different ways that have been shown to be very effective in order to spy on Instagram stories anonymously, i.y también. without that person knowing that you have seen their story.

3 Tricks to view Stories as anonymous

1.- Activate airplane mode

This trick is quite effective and quite fácil to follow, which is why it was the first method we wanted to share in the article.

All you have to do is:


  1. Open the Instagram aplicación and wait for all the data and posts to load, especially the stories (which are the ones you’re interested in seeing) and then just wait for a few minutes to pass.
  2. Once everything has loaded and some time has passed, just turn on airplane mode on your móvil.
  3. Now just go back to the Instagram aplicación and you’ll be able to get into as many stories as you want, especially those of that person you you don’t want them to know you’ve seen their story.

A little fun fact about this fácil airplane mode trick is that it is also very effective with Whatsapp. In case you don’t want a person to know that you have already read their message, although in this aplicación you cánido just disable the read confirmation option, being just as effective to improve your privacy.

2.- Block account

A slightly more drastic way to be able to view Stories anonymously is to view that person’s storie and then go to block their account.

That way, you won’t appear among the people who have seen itbecause if you have blocked that person, they cánido’t see anything about your profile, not even the fact that you have already viewed their story.

Once 24 hours have passed, i.e. the time required for the history to disappear, you can unblock that person.

This method is more problematic, as that person may become aware that you have blocked them.

3.- Vía StoryDownloader

The advantage of this method is that you can not only view any storie in hidden mode without having to block anyone or put your móvil inteligente in airplane mode, but also you cánido do it from both mobile and PC and even download them if you like.

All you have to do is:

  1. Search for the Instagram nombre de usuario of the account you want to see the stories for.
  2. Go to the website and type in the username view-story-story-mode-occult-with-storydownloader
  3. Finally, click on “Get stories” and you will be able to see and download all the stories of that account. Easy, isn’t it?

We hope you have found these tricks useful and that you are encouraged to try them. And of course, if you know any more, don’t forget to leave it in the comments.