Hublaagram | Get Free Likes, Followers and Comments

Today we are going to talk about Hublaagram, the app with which you can increase your interactions in Instagram for free through a collaborative system.

Of course, it is always better to get your followers on your own, but it is also true that no matter how good content you have, people tend to follow first those people who already have a considerable number of followers.

This is like food friends and the famous saying: What does not enter through the eyes does not enter through the mouth, so let’s examine exhaustively this tool with which you can increase your likes, your followers and even your comments


Are you ready? Hublaagram has arrived!

History of Hublaagram

Hublaagram was born in 2012 and was created by a group of university students in Indonesia. Although in the beginning the Hublaa initiative was focused on Facebook, later and seeing its results, it expands to other social networks and of course, to our beloved Instagram.


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With this page you will see how your followers and likes grow, and most importantly, you enhance your profile. If you want your Instagram to be more visible and tentative before the eyes of others, don’t miss the next section.

How Hublaagram works

Navigating Hublaagram is very easy, also, we have to say that the Hubla team offers very good support to users who choose this app.

The operation is simple, so every time you log in and request it, you will be sent automatically, and best of all, for free, some followers, comments and likes.

Now, as is deserved, you will also have to follow other users, comment and give like … after all is fair, right?

Register at Hublaagram

If the operation of Hublaagram has seemed simple to you, the register is much simpler. To do this you just have to enter and provide the username and password you use in Instagram and that’s it. However, since you won’t see the warning to save your data, every time you need to request likes or followers you will have to re-enter them again.




When you enter the app, you will see that the page shows you a warning that Instagram could block the functions you can opt for with Hublaagram, and this is why you must authorize the registration.

If you do not want to provide your password you can always log in through Facebook, as easy as having your account associated with Instagram. We explain the steps to follow; click on “Login with Facebook” and you will be taken to a page that will explain to you that it will use an access token to log in to the app.

How do I get the token? It’s also very easy, just copy and paste the URL that will provide you and from there paste where it tells you “Insert your Access token here” and then click on “Login”.

How to get followers on Instagram

Now comes the good stuff, with Hublaagram, getting followers on Instagram is quite easy and fast. After doing the registration in the app you will have to enter a security code, which becomes a captcha and you can directly get new followers.




The first step is to click on “Instafollow”, close the advertisement, click on “Submit Followers”; close the advertisement again and as if by magic you will see between 10 to 30 more followers in your Instagram automatically. Also, you will be able to buy followers by accessing the premium package that includes the app, but this, as always, will cost you a little money. You decide!

How to get likes in Instagram

Like to increase your followers, to get free likes you must first enter the security code. You will see that Hublaagram shows you the photo you already have in your profile, and the number of publications as well as followers and followers.

To get likes click on the “Instaliker” option, close the advertisement and slide a bar in which you will see the number you want to get. They can be from users all over the world, which is the default option or from your own country.

Finally, select the publication in which you want to receive these likes and, as if by magic, you will receive a notification with these likes. Have you seen how simple? So that’s how it is with this app, that we must not forget that it is totally free.

How to get comments on Instagram

Getting comments is very similar to getting likes, you enter the page, enter the already known security code and now click on “Instacomment”. As expected, you will get an ad you must close, choose the publication you want to be commented, the amount, and whether you want to be users in your country or around the world.

Now comes the most characteristic of this app, you will be the one who will have to comment your publications. As you read it, you can write a comment and have it repeated as many times as you want or write several by pressing the “+” sign.

The fact is that Hublaagram does not intend to deceive anyone, since it is obvious that they are artificial comments. Now, the users who follow you in Instagram will not know this, they will only see that you have the most interesting profile.

Free version of Hublaagram

The fact of making use of this app also brings with it a positive and a negative part. Let’s start with the negative, after a few days you may lose some followers and likes that have sent you, however, in the positive we can say that they are real followers and the service is immediate.

Another point in their favor is that, in spite of losing some followers, we have also observed that those obtained through Hublaagram interact in a real way and without the need to promote it in some publications for which they feel attracted.

Hublaagram and its VIP packages

As with most free applications, Hublaagram has a paid version for about 15 euros per month. What does this version allow us to do? Well, starting by using the service without having to close every two or three advertisements that appear, exempts us from the obligation of having to follow other people and also contributes to the Hublaa project … All for a good reason!


On the other hand, if you find yourself in the need to get constant likes, the app offers you a package of 2,000 in a single publication for about 10 euros approximately.

Also, you can opt for a package of 20 euros that can give you between 500 and 2,000 likes per month automatically in each of the publications that you put in your account. If you decide on one of these packages, the page will take you to the payment platform, which in this case is PayPal, to log in and confirm the payment.

Without a doubt, and due to the above, Hublaagram is a very good option if you want to increase your Instagram account and if you know how to give credibility to the matter. If after a while, for whatever reason, you want to stop using it, you only have to change the password of your account; this app does not oblige you with any kind of permanence.

What do you think? Have you already decided to try Hublaagram? If so, tell us about your experience… We look forward to hearing from you!