More than 100 Questions and Polls for Instagram

Instagram is one of the most habitual social networks that exist today among young people to share photos and vídeos and entertain themselves with friends and followers.

Surveys for Instagram are one of the best tools of the social network to generate interaction with your followers and grow your account.

By increasing the engagement of your publications, your profile on IG will gain visibility and you will attract new followers quickly and for free in a simple way.


Here we bring you more than 100 questions for Instagram that will help you make the best surveys on the social network. Use these questions to make your quizzes on insta and give your Instagram stories a fun and original touch.

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100 Questions for Instagram Stories

  1. Cheetos or Doritos?
  2. Do you prefer sneakers or boots?
  3. With the light on or off?
  4. Cinema or park?
  5. Sunrise or sunset?
  6. Book or movie?
  7. Do you sleep with the door open or closed?
  8. Meat or Vegetables?
  9. Being attacked by a bear or wasps?
  10. Do you prefer pizza with pineapple or without pineapple?
  11. Nocilla or Nutella?
  12. Instagram or Snapchat?
  13. What is your pet’s name?
  14. Do you prefer a trip by air or by land?
  15. Cocacola or Pepsi?
  16. From which country do you come from?
  17. Straight or curly hair?
  18. Rum or whiskey?
  19. Colacao or Nesquick?
  20. Blonde or brown hair?
  21. Wine or beer?
  22. Cinema or theater?
  23. Cat or dog?
  24. Movies or Series?
  25. Be smart or have money?
  26. Pizza or hamburger?
  27. Give away or get gifted?
  28. Long relationship or fast roll?
  29. Fame or Wealth?
  30. Friends or friends?
  31. Summer or winter?
  32. Car or motorcycle?
  33. Chocolate or vanilla?
  34. Sweet or salt?
  35. Get caught with your cousin or with an inflatable doll?
  36. Soccer or tennis?
  37. Apple or pear?
  38. Cloudy or sunny?
  39. Swim or run?
  40. Mountain or beach?
  41. Burgers or Hot Dogs?
  42. If you could travel in time where would you go?
  43. Android or iPhone?
  44. Day or night?
  45. Cold or hot?
  46. Tea or coffee?
  47. Beer or Whiskey?
  48. Love or friendship?
  49. Would you rather eat or sleep?
  50. Fb or Instagram?
  51. Facebook or Twitter?
  52. Would you rather have love or money?
  53. Long or short hair?
  54. Youtube or Twitch?
  55. Smartphone or Tablet?
  56. FIFA or PES?
  57. Soccer or Basketball?
  58. Drink or eat?
  59. Dance or listen to music?
  60. What would you change about your body?
  61. If you were a woman for a day, what is the first thing you would do?
  62. If you were a man for a day, what is the first thing you would do?
  63. What would you ask me if I said yes to everything?
  64. Detalla yourself in three words
  65. What would you do if you were invisible?
  66. If you had a million dollars in the bank, what would you buy?
  67. If you could meet a famous person, who would it be and what would you say to them?
  68. To love or to be loved? And because?
  69. If you could bring someone back to life, who would it be?
  70. Describe me with the name of a movie
  71. What did you think the first time you saw my feed?
  72. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
  73. Today is the end of the year. What do you want to tell me before the year is over?
  74. If it was your last day alive, what would you eat?
  75. Going out to party with friends or Netflix night?
  76. Would you rather study or work
  77. What career would you study to earn a lot of money?
  78. What improved your personality?
  79. Do you prefer to work from home or at the office?
  80. If you could speak another language, what would it be?
  81. If you went on a date with the love of your life, what clothes would you wear?
  82. Polo or shirt?
  83. What do you like most about your body?
  84. If you could be the best at something, what would it be?
  85. If you could change something about your past, what would it be?
  86. Would you rather go to a spa or a nightclub?
  87. Romantic or horror movie?
  88. If you could choose between love, money or health, what would you choose?
  89. What do you prefer a year without Instagram or a year without leaving home?
  90. If you could change one thing about your country, what would it be?
  91. What car would you buy if you were rich?
  92. What has been your most embarrassing experience?
  93. How many boyfriends have you had?
  94. What would you choose between having free food for a year or being able to travel for free for a year?
  95. How do you take care of your physique?
  96. Do you prefer a handsome but dumb or smart but ugly man?
  97. Do you prefer a pretty but interested woman or a less pretty but sincere woman?
  98. What would you choose, beauty or intelligence?
  99. If you had to choose to use a social network for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  100. Would you rather read minds or be able to fly?

Surveys for Instagram with YES or No questions

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  2. Do you talk while you sleep?
  3. Do you believe in destiny?
  4. Cánido you sneeze with your eyes open?
  5. Have you ever fallen in love?
  6. Have you faked an orgasm?
  7. Cánido you touch your nose with the consejo of your tongue?
  8. Do you have any hobbies?
  9. Do you sleep with your eyes open?
  10. Would you buy me a pizza?
  11. Perro you hold back the hiccups?
  12. Is it true that you have already met with more than one of my followers?
  13. Are you in favor of the death penalty?
  14. Have you traveled to another country?
  15. Cooked or undercooked meat?
  16. Have you suffered bullying?
  17. Have you ever walked into an elevator and it smelled bad?
  18. Have they ever been unfaithful to you?
  19. Do you have any tattoos?
  20. Have you cried on public transport?
  21. Do you have any piercings?
  22. Have you ever pretended you were sleeping?
  23. Would you go back to your ex- for $ 1,000?
  24. Have you ever pretended to talk on the phone?
  25. Let’s go to the movies. Will you go with me?
  26. Did you ever think you were going to be a mother / father?
  27. Are you happy with your body?
  28. Do you have any sexual fantasy?
  29. Answer or ask?
  30. Have you ever been unfaithful?
  31. Do you sleep naked?
  32. Would you dare to participate in Big Brother?
  33. Did you parachute?
  34. Have you ever swam naked?
  35. Have you already gotten drunk this month?
  36. Do you like Bad Bunny?
  37. Are you a virgin?
  38. Have you ever been arrested?
  39. Do you like Rosalia?
  40. Have you had sex on the first date?
  41. Have you ever imagined making out with someone?
  42. Do you think we perro be friends?
  43. Have you ever dreamed of me?
  44. Do you believe that God exists?
  45. Would you have something with me today?
  46. Have you ever fallen in love with someone?
  47. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  48. Are you religious or atheist?
  49. If I asked you to be my girlfriend, what would you tell me?
  50. Have you had any strange dreams lately?
  51. Have you fallen in love with your best friend?
  52. Do you believe in the horoscope?
  53. Do you live with your parents?
  54. Have you been with more than one person in one night?
  55. Do you like to go to the gym?
  56. Do you usually speak cursing?
  57. Do you like my posts?

What are Instagram polls for?

In addition to finding companies or celebrities in this popular network who have the objective of selling their products and increasing their fame, those who use it for fun also have the right to generate engagement with their followers.

To achieve this, Instagram offers different tools that allow users to use creativity to generate good content that attracts more followers to their IG profile. One of the best and most used options today in addition to normal publications, are Instagram Stories or 24-hour stories.

In Instagram Stories, people can share anecdotes and experiences instantly, but it is also possible to create funny polls with which users and followers can be entertained.

Instagram polls are a great opportunity to increase interaction of our followers and make our Instagram account more aparente on the social network. There are surveys with Yes or No questions, and other formats in which people perro respond with text to a question or choose from several options.

However, we do not always have the inspiration to create fun and original surveys on Instagram, so here we bring you several ideas and recommendations to create questions for your surveys on the social network that genera interest and engagement from your followers.

How to get poll ideas on Instagram

The most important thing about conducting surveys for IG is to choose a topic or argument that may interest Many people or simply play with the problems or situations of everyday life.

For example, it is a good iniciativa to create surveys about movies that have been released recently (Good or bad? What did you think?) Or about the foods that everyone likes (Pizza or ice cream? Do you like pizza? with pineapple?).

The most important is that attract a lot of attention or they are questions about controversial topics that generate interest and that users engage in participating, so it is best to create simple questions with answers that invite your followers to participate in the survey.

One of the ideas that does not fail is the theme of love. Doing surveys on the heart, a little spicy or on the spite is an opportunity for many to begin to respond and quickly give their opinion.

Some examples for questions with answers on the topic could be:

  • Get stuck in the elevator with your ex or spend a year lost in a jungle?
  • Love or sex?
  • To love or to be loved?
  • What is your favorite place to be with your partner?

If you prefer the survey format of Yes or no, some options for hot or relationship questions perro be:

  • Have you already fallen in love this year? Otherwise
  • Have you ever ruined a date? Otherwise
  • Sex on the first date? Otherwise
  • Do you have a lover on this social network? Otherwise

The question in question may depend on your preferences or intentions, the most important thing is that you choose a situation or topic that is funny, controversial and original that catches the attention of your audience and they can’t resist responding.

Another alternative that Instagram offers for surveys is the questionnaire format. It is an option in which you ask a question and you can select different answers among which is the correct one and the usuario must guess it.

This elabora works very well to generate interaction with surveys and is a good option to vary the type of questions and not bore your followers.

If you ask your followers, for example: What movie do you think is my favorite?

  1. Titanic
  2. Avengers
  3. Toy story
  4. Matrix

Only one answer will be correct, if they answer wrong, an X will appear and the option will be marked in red and they will see what was the correct option. If they respond well to the survey, the answer marked next to a positive check will turn green.

These three survey options that Instagram has in which users can generate engagement with their followers are one of the best options to give a fun touch to an account on the popular network and much more originality to Instagram Stories, instead of Always post what you did during the day.

Put your creativity to work and bring out your funniest side to achieve a good interaction rate, so you will get your profile to have more visibility on Instagram and you will gain followers on your account on the popular network.