Hack Instagram… How To Do It In 5 Minutes?

Instagram is one of the most used social networks today, this platform allows its users to share photos and videos through their profile, as well as communicate by private messages.

However, one of the most striking factors of this social network is that it gives its users the possibility to get many followers and gain popularity.

Many people have Instagram profiles that easily reach tens of millions of followers, most of these are celebrities, but having an account with such a large number of followers requires a lot of time, work and creativity, also runs the risk of losing the account because it can be hacked …


How? Then… Can Instagram be hacked? Keep reading, because we’re going to tell you everything.

How to hack an Instagram account?

The term hacking, refers to the action of entering abruptly and without the authorization of the real user to a digital platform, such as Instagram.


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Before going any further, we would like to make it clear that we do not intend to encourage any person to carry out such practices or actions, since, apart from violating the privacy of users, they are actions that can potentially be penalized by law and have serious consequences. Logging into another person’s Instagram account is totally illegal!

This article seeks to show how easily and quickly you can lose a user profile in Instagram, because even on the Internet there are multiple applications and other tools available with which anyone can break into the Instagram account you want without needing to be a computer expert.

The article is also aimed at users to take the necessary precautions to avoid this situation, since it can lend itself to a host of frauds and electronic crimes.

In addition, users are advised to act in the most prudent manner to make this platform as secure and transparent as possible.

Before starting, it is important to know that there are several methods to hack an Instagram profile and that some allow different actions to be taken, so it must be clear what you want to do.

It is also good to remember that these accounts have personal data, if these are stolen is considered as phishing, which is illegal in most countries.

Hacking Instagram with Instaleak.net

The first step to use the services of Instaleak.net is to enter http://instaleak.net/start/ (click here), where you must add the url of the profile you want to hack and wait a few minutes for the system to get the password and email profile.


When the page finishes loading the password and email, you must download a .zip file which has these data.

Then, you only have to enter the main page of Instagram, click on the option log in, add the data that the Instaleak.net gave us. This method is almost undetectable.

How to avoid being hacked in Instagram?

It is impressive to see how easy it is for people to access any Instagram account regardless of whether it is an account with few followers or a very popular profile.

However, there are several precautions that can be taken to avoid being hacked. These are some of them:

Create a complicated password

Typically, programs used to hack profiles from Instagram and other social networks tend to steal information from users who have a simple password more easily.

For this reason, people are advised to add different numbers and symbols as well as upper and lower case letters.

Pass the profile from Public to Private

This is one of the most effective ways to avoid being hacked, since only users authorized by the account owner can follow you and view your postings and personal information.

Although it is important to emphasize that if it is intended to have an account with many followers, this technique is unfavorable, as it will make the profile unattractive.

Avoiding the use of certain applications

It is true that many suppliers and complementary Instagram tools offer functions to share images and other publications in a simpler way, as well as to organize contests with some quite attractive prizes.

However, one must be quite careful when providing personal information as sometimes it is just a trap.

Be careful when entering public Wifi networks

It is not only a question of being careful when entering a social network, since there are even tools designed to steal information through public Wifi networks and cybercafé computers.

In this way, people’s data can be violated just by logging in through these means.

What to do if you are a victim of hacking?

The first thing to do if you are a victim of an account violation, is to enter the user profile and try to change the password in the profile settings.

You can also access the help center of Instagram, a kind of customer service, where you have the option to reset the password and report accounts as spam.

If the above methods are not successful, there is still the possibility to delete the account to prevent any type of digital fraud and that the account is manipulated by unauthorized users.

It is also recommended to have a good antivirus, which protects against viruses and malware that can steal passwords.

And here we are, you already know how to hack an Instagram account without having to download anything, you have to be careful that they use against your account the methods mentioned here. And never forget, stealing an Instagram password from unknown people is considered a crime.