What is Instagram and What is It For?

Instagram is a popular network for sharing of photos, videos and messages in a fácil and fun way.

What is Instagram for and what is it really?

It is mainly used from mobile devices through a free App, available on Aplicación Store and Play Store for IOS and Android. There is also a web version and an aplicación for Windows 10 (PC), although these versions are limited and do not include all features.

The typical user of this popular network is a modern woman, interested in a healthy lifestyle, fashion or fitness. And they use this popular network to follow celebrity profiles or anonymous people who share quality content related to their interests.

what is instagram and what is it for

Contrary to what many people believe, Instagram is more than a photo and vídeo sharing app. It is a complex social network that has revolutionized the relationships between users in its community.

History of Instagram

Its creators are partners Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who created it in 2010. When they started it was only available for iOS and until 2012 it was not launched for Android.

Currently Instagram is the fastest growing social network worldwide and currently in 2018 there are 800 million monthly unique active users using the aplicación. It ranks third in the world ranking of popular networks, behind only Facebook and YouTube.

The current trend is the increase and diversification of Instagram users and at the same time there is a rapid growth in the creation of professional profiles. This is due to the new promotional and business opportunities that this popular network is generating.

How does Instagram work?

The aplicación emplees the latest technology in its algorithm and is constantly renewing itself by adding new features keeping users interested and differentiating itself from its competitors. Instagram is used by people of all genders and ages, although the majority are young women between 20 and 35 years old.

Instagram features

In the technical section, one of the tools that the Aplicación incorporates is photo and video editing with its famous filters, which are continuously updated.


The main function of the Aplicación is to share photos with our followers and the rest of the community.


It is the second most used option, also tend to have more engagement than photos and this is essential to succeed on Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Stories allows us to appear at the top of our followers’ home screen, above all other posts. The bad news is that they disappear after 24 hours.

Lives or direct

In the most visual popular network in the world could not miss the live video streaming function.


With Instagram we can create animations with a fun effect. It looks like a vídeo without sound, but it continuously goes back and forth in an infinite loop.


In a single publication we can group several photos or videos, which we will swipe through by swiping with our finger.

Other Instagram features

Instagram is full of interesting options. We’re preparing an article where we’ll explain them all in more detail.

Advantages of Instagram

Instagram is a popular network that allows us to get many followers easily, more than in any other community. In the same way it also allows us to find people and topics that interest us.

If we are professionals and we sell some product or service, we cánido also use Instagram to promote ourselves. Thanks to the likes of our followers and the good use of the hashtags we can get a lot of exposure and drive traffic to our website.

There is also the possibility of advertising through a paid system to further promote our posts.To generate even more traffic to our profile, we can backlink our account with other popular networks like Fb, Tumblr or Twitter and automatically share our posts there.